Tuesday, July 19, 2011

They SHOT Me !!!!!!!!!!!

Sooooooooo...today was pretty much a SUPER slow [boring) day !
i went to ARMC for an orientation because i am volunteering there at the hospital. UGH let me tell you ! Probably the BORiNGest 4hrs of my life ! i sat there & jus listened to different people blab ! Well to make a LOOONGGGGG story [not really tht long but oh well) short, they gave me a shot in my arm : it didnt really hurt, but jus the thought of a pointy object going into my arm gives me the chills !

Oh well im SUPER stoked because im jus tht much closer to being a volunteer ! i cant wait :)

Until Nxt Time,

Monday, July 18, 2011

im New Here..Again :D

i lost my password to my other blog, so...i made a new one :)

Today so far has been "Chore Day" how lameee ! i know right !?!
Hopefully today gets better, maybe i'll get to go to my favorite place ? DiSNEYLAND :) Lol

Well until later,
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